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Talkswitch systems come complete with everything you need to handle calls professionally, control your communication costs, and stay connected everywhere. Answer calls with a multi- level auto-attendant, or answer live from any phone in the office. No one’s in the office?  No problem. Transfer calls to your cell phone or any other number and work from home. Save big money by connecting to a VoIP service provider for your long-distance calls. Missed a call? Your callers can leave a voice mail message for you on your office phone, and you get an email notification in your inbox with the message attached as an audio file, so you can play it back on your computer. The Talkswitch can detect fax calls automatically, so you don’t have to pay for a dedicated fax line.  You can upload your own music or messages to play to callers while they’re on hold.

All at a price even the smallest business can afford!

Check out the latest Talkswitch IP phones below. And yes, it does cordless phones, too! >>>>

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