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Introducing Surveillance Solutions from Excelephone!
Keep an eye on your property even when you can't be there.
With a Netcam solution from TrendNet, all you need is an internet connection to remotely monitor your home or business, any time, day or night.
Configure your cameras to send an email notification when motion is detected.
With apps for iPhone and Android, you can control pan, tilt, and zoom functions from just about anywhere.
Solutions for wired, wireless, indoor, and outdoor applications.               With recording solutions from BlueIris, you can archive footage and export to DVD.                                                                                         Check out actual screenshots below.

  Remote view screenshots using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, with Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls, access to preset controls and more.

For best results, we recommend a no-cost network readiness assessment of your proposed installation location to determine any necessary equipment upgrades.

iPod screenshot using 3rd party app (eyeCam)

This is nothing.